Fairytale Macro World by Polish Photographer Magda Wasiczek

i’m Magda Wasiczek, i’m a flower & nature photographer located in Trzebinia, Poland. Photographer in my opinion is an instrument of raising the understanding into beauty of nature. I’ve discovered to see invisible things, to enjoy million tiny details, that we failed to pay attention to before.

i really do not know who or why, just what power developed the world that surrounds us. I am aware it is an unusual and interesting in most smallest detail.

Before we began photographing, I liked to-draw, paint. However simply changed the device and as opposed to brushes and pencils I began to use contacts and I also discovered to make use of their particular optical properties to attain the desired effects.

i do want to show the world of flowers or insects so that will impress a typical one who has actually compensated no attention to the planet at his feet and even hated those “nasty bugs”.

When visiting the meadow or perhaps the yard, I have no planned shots. I allow nature surprise me. Everyone loves the thrill when you look for a layout on view atmosphere. it is like opening gifts at Christmas time.

I want to present my vision worldwide, this idyllic utopia of fairy stories. I hope that looking at my photos, a child inside all of them wakes up, because the world into the eyes of a child is often even more colourful, interesting, mysterious and full of surprises.

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