Dragon And Cat get Two Unlikely Best Friends

Meet Charles the female bearded dragon and Baby the cat, the beautiful duo that proves that real friendship can grow against all odds. Although the cat could easily harm the beardie, he prefers maintaining Charles secure by cuddling together with his Toothless rather.

The beardie is also indeed there for the cat when her fluffy buddy is scared of thunder – Charles gently hugs the feline to sooth him down. When the two are not snuggling, they enjoy each other’s company by playing outdoors and seeking through the screen and guarding their house. Though Charles could be quite territorial – he’s stolen Baby’s bed once, “poor kitty decided to go to sleep-in a box,” writes the master on Instagram – they’re best friends forever!

Their owner believed that the pet would strike the beardie when they initially met

But all they are doing is cuddle!

As well as shield their property!

The beardie can also be there the pet when he’s scared of thunder

Charles gently hugs her fluffball to calm him down

Although cat could easily harm the beardie…

The feline prefers maintaining her risk-free by cuddling along with his Toothless rather

They usually have the most wonderful brunches, also!

This beautiful duo shows that true relationship can thrive against all odds

Watch the movie here:

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